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The Healing Art of Chiropractic

Chiropractor Spine Wellness

Chiropractic is a healing art based on the diagnosis and treatment of misalignments located in the spinal column. Such misalignments are held to cause disorders affecting the nervous, muscular, and internal organ systems. It is estimated that doctors of chiropractic treat more than 30 million people annually!

Services For Adults and Children

Chiropractic treatment has benefited the majority of patients with:

  • Low back pain, with or without leg pain
  • Neck pain, with or without arm pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Mid-back pain
  • Numerous health problems due to nerve impingement

If you are unsure chiropractic care is appropriate for you or someone you care about, it is best to have an exam and evaluation by a chiropractor.

Chiropractors have helped countless adults and children with a wide array of health disorders from ear infections, asthma, colds, flu, digestive disturbances, insomnia, sinus congestion, menstrual irregularity, babies with colic, headaches, neck, arm, and back pain, just to name a few. Adjustments allow our innate intelligence and nerve energy to flow freely without interference.

At NY Spine & Wellness in Poughkeepsie, Dr. Castello encourages every prospective patient to receive a chiropractic examination regardless of their diagnosis or alignment. If your health problem is due to spinal subluxations, improvement typically begins within 1-8 visits.

You are invited to give us a call at 845-462-8200, or email [email protected] about your specific health needs to determine if Dr. Castello is the best practitioner for you. Dr. Castello looks forward to being a member of your healthcare team, assisting you in getting well and staying well!

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