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Dr. Angelo Castello practices what he teaches. For him as a chiropractor and health educator, “health and healing are his life.” From an early age, the limitations of medical interventions were obvious to him. He and his family were overprescribed drug therapies that had little effect on the cause of their respective maladies.

Dr. Castello at NY Spine & Wellness in Poughkeepsie learned about chiropractic and natural healing shortly after graduating from college. Chiropractic care for spinal health, combined with good nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction made perfect sense to him. The idea was very compelling that the proper conditions for health and healing allow the life force that enlivens the body and runs all of its vital functions to heal the body. This results in a person feeling and looking healthier. Dr. Castello also learned that it is not possible to break the laws of nature without suffering the consequences.

Each person is unique and has their own particular needs for overall health. For over two decades, Dr. Castello has been committed to offering an “integrated approach” to chiropractic and wellness in Poughkeepsie as well as the Hudson Valley region. With an eye on the physical, mental, emotional, and chemical stressors that are often the reasons for many health problems, he aims to correct the cause of a condition, not mask its symptoms.

The time to get better is now. The time to commence taking responsibility and changing the course of your health is now. As a chiropractor in Poughkeepsie and Germantown, serving the Hudson Valley, Dr. Castello strives to provide the best that the powerful healing art of chiropractic can offer. Dr. Castello looks forward to being a member of your healthcare team, assisting you in getting well and staying well.

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